What We Do

We are ordinary people who use our listening skills to do extra-ordinary things every day. We listen, 24 hours every day. We are unpaid and go through a rigorous 3 month Preparation Programme to ensure that we can befriend the despairing and suicidal. We listen without judging, creating a space in which a caller can express all the pain that he or she feels cannot be shared with anyone else. We listen until the emotional crisis is past. Put simply: Listening saves lives.

Lifeline started this service in June 1978. In spite of the challenges of the past 40 years it has provided the service according to its Principles & Practices and Policies. It has accepted that it not being available could be the final straw which would cause a death. In addition to listening, it has worked even harder to break the stigma against suicide which prevents it from getting the needed funding to operate 24 hours a day, toll free and be so well known that no one contemplating suicide would do so without knowing of the help available to them.

Whatever it is, at whatever time of day it is call us.

We are friends you have yet to meet who will listen to understand and emotionally support you. You are guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. The fact that you have called us and what you have said will remain confidential even after death.

We will help save a soul but we will not tell a soul

800 5588 866 5433 220 3636

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