Lifeline volunteers fall into two main categories:


They man the telephone listening service, giving an average of 4-6 hours per week, with one overnight per month. They go through an extensive Preparation Programme which covers approximately 3 months. The initial preparation is done on a weekend, Friday evening and whole day Saturday and Sunday. This is followed by 4-6 hours per week and one overnight per month as a Helper. At the end of the Programme they become full listeners. They remain as anonymous as possible.


They essentially prefer to do the public representation of Lifeline and raise funds for it. There are four teams:

  • Public Events Outreach, distribute fliers, talk to participants about Lifeline's work;
  • Assist with Outreach to Schools & YTC;
  • Media Team, interact with various media to represent Lifeline and obtain ads for it in the print, audio and social media;
  • Fundraising: plan and implement major fundraising events e.g. an annual dinner etc.

Basically Lifeline tries to identify each volunteer's strengths and work with that. Normally most volunteers make the decision which they want to do at a meeting with the Coordinator of Lifeline. This meeting is held on Friday, 6:00 – 8:00pm every week.

We will help save a soul but we will not tell a soul

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