A person who is thinking about suicide will usually give warning signs. Examples of all three types are given above: i) physical, ii) conversational and iii) behavioural. There's a high likelihood that they will exhibit a combination of these signs not just one.

If you suspect someone maybe suicidal don't be afraid there are simple actions you can take:

1. Start the Converation: Are you okay? This helps to bridge the deep sense of isolation from others that the person is feeling. This is why listening, to give emotional support without judging saves lives.

2. Call Lifeline and discuss what you suspect. We listen to the suicidal and those concerned about them.

Lifeline exists to befriend the despairing and suicidal. We started a listening service, using mainly, telephone in June 1978. We share the same principles and practices as the Samaritans, UK which has been operating since November 1953.

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We will help save a soul but we won't tell a soul

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