1. Who are the Listeners?

Listeners are trained by Lifeline to answer, listen and provide a safe space for the distressed and the despairing reaching out to be heard. Listeners operate anonymously and have been a vital part to fulfilling Lifeline's mission. Listeners have also completed the Listener Preparation Programme.

2. What are Listeners expected to do?

Listeners are expected to provide between 4-6 hours of time per week listening for callers. They function in alignment with Lifeline's policies and values.

3. How does someone become a Listener?

Listeners must engage in the Listener Preparation Programme. It is an activity that takes about 3-months to complete and has two stages. The initial period is done on weekends – Friday Evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays full day sessions. Following the completion of the initial preparation, volunteers can become Helpers who support the Listeners by volunteering 4-6 hours per week with one overnight per month.

4. As a Listener, how do I help?

Listeners are there to listen and befriend the despairing by volunteering an average of 4-6 hours per week with one overnight per month. They remain anonymous but can also act to help save a life with the permission of the despairing.