Serving Trinidad and Tobago for 45 years


1970s - The First Few Years

  • Nov 1976

First meeting of the ten (10) founding members

  • May 1977

Meeting with Chad Varah, founder of the Samaritans, UK

  • Sep 1977

Organisation named – Lifeline

  • Nov 1977

First preparation class of 100 participants

  • June 1978

Offered 12-hour daily listening service from Curepe

  • March1979

First appearance of the charity filler in The Express

1980s - Creating a Space

  • June 1980

Registration of Lifeline as a charitable organization

  • March1985

Extension of the service to 24 hours daily

  • June 1985

Lifeline acquires its own phone – 645 2800

  • Sept 1988

The Rt. Hon. Clinton Bernard, TC, becomes Lifeline’s first Patron

  • Oct 1988

Lifeline relocated to larger offices in St Joseph

1990s - The Shape of Impact

  • April 1992

Further expansion to 79, Eastern Main Road, St Augustine

  • May 1993

Telephone service increased to three (3) lines. Centre renovated to provide operations and listening rooms.

  • June 1993

Hosted the first International Conference on “Violence, Self and the Young Male: A Regional Policy.

  • Oct 1994

Printing of the proceedings of the conference “Violence,

Self and the Young Male”

  • March1995

Launched Lifeline’s Outreach to Young Males 11-14 years

  • April 1995

Relocated to Sellier Street, St Augustine

  • May 1995

Violence, Self and the Young Male II: - Effective Strategies to Counter Young Male Violence

  • July 1995

Hosted a two-day seminar “A Time to Listen” for Organisations to listen to Youths from the Youth Training Centre (YTC) and St Michael’s Home

3-week residential workshop for Youth at Risk

  • May 1996

Outreach to Young Males 11-14 at YTC

  • Nov 1996

UNESCO approved funding for Outreach to Violent Young Males

  • Nov 1997

Zalayhar Hassanali – Former First Lady of Trinidad and Tobago and Baroness Scotland of Asthal, Q.C. become joint patrons

  • Nov 1997

“Violence, Self & the Young Male III: Policies that work simultaneously on the Political, Administrative & Face-to-Face Levels”

  • May 1999

IDB through the Community Development Fund approved funding for Outreach to Youth on Remand at YTC

2000s - Capturing More Support

  • May 2000

British High Commission assists Lifeline’s Outreach Programme

  • Dec 2000

Republic Bank approves stamp mortgage for Lifeline’s first permanent Centre

  • Sept 2001

Violence, Self & the Young Male IV: Building Partnerships, Implementing Policy

  • Nov 2001

Fernandes Trust assists Lifeline’s Outreach Programme

  • Jan 2002

Community Outreach: Meeting Families at High Risk of Being Victims or Perpetrators of Violence where they as they are in the Community

  • Mar 2003

The Kevin Fund: Support for Lads Released from YTC

Student Outreach Programme (STOP): An integrated programme for students at high risk of violence, working with their parents, teachers and concerned community members

  • Dec 2007

  • Lifeline services expanded to contact by e-mail:

  • Dec 2010

Ministry of Social Development . Subvention to fund the Helpline and Outreach Programmes.

  • March 2015

Ministry of Social Development. Subvention for 6 months which funded only the Helpline.

  • June 2017

Expansion to 24 hours a day. Toll free lines from TSTT (800 5588) and Digicel (231 2824). Flow to flow is free: 220 3636

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